The Beginner Mistakes You Want To Avoid

What are the biggest mistakes that gym beginners make? Find out below!

  • Do not give up too soon! – the biggest mistake that all gym beginners do is quitting too early. We all want to look toned and sexy overnight, but the reality is not so simple. You cannot expect such grand results from a few weeks at the gym or from your fitness classes Canberra: most experts and trainers agree that it takes at least two months or so for the results to begin to show. Make sure that you stick to your regimen (and not cheat through it) to yield results at the expected time.
  • More exercise is not a good idea – at the opposite end of those who quit early are the too ambitious. These beginners are of the mentality that they can – and should – take on the hardest exercises in the greatest quantities possible. This is a very bad idea if you are not used to exercising – you will most likely end with strains and tears in your tissues (or some greater injury). As a beginner, you need to get your body used to exercise, so start with the simple basics and fundamentals.
  • High numbers for lifts too soon – ego can do a big number on you, especially if your friends all seem like heavyweight lifters. If you are a beginner, do not expect to be able to lift larger weights at the start, nor do feel embarrassed by the fact that you can’t. All the heavyweight lifters started small, and so should you do. Attempting to lift weights too heavy for you is asking for an injury.
  • Not asking for guidance – the gym has many machines and equipment, and to be fair, no beginner can know how all (or even any one) of them work. Acknowledge the fact that you will not probably know how to operate the machines. Never attempt to try them out by yourself – all that would be waiting for you is an injury (and possibly, one for bystanders as well). Ask your professional personal trainer, or even your gym buddies on how a specific machine or equipment should be used – you won’t regret it.
  • A full diet change – and to conclude, never attempt to change your entire eating habits from day one. Removing all junk food and other unnecessary sugars, and adding in tons of supplements and whey-based products will only make your days hell. No person can adapt to such immediate change all at once, and to begin with, there is no reason to phase out every unhealthy food you can think of. Always start from one or two eating habits, and gradually work your way to rehashing the way you eat.